We are a family company with years of experience in traditional and CNC metal processing. Our products are based on quality, the most important trait of our company.

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TRADITION AND QUALITY make us stronger!

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We began our operations in 1978. Our main services are milling and turning using traditional CNC machines.

We are a small company that constantly strives to develop its employees. With the support of a cutting-edge technology park we are able to manufacture products for even the most demanding customers.


We begin our projects by analysing the customer’s needs and the concept design of the product. Following that our engineers prepare a 3D outline of the product, which is then manufactured using our advanced machines. Our latest acquisition is a machine for 5-axle milling, which accelerates the processing, optimizes the customer’s costs and supports the manufacture of the most demanding products at the highest level of accuracy. We conclude the project in the department for quality control and measurements, where we provide the measurement protocol.



We are specialized for smaller batches and unique metal intermediate goods. 

We manufacture different metal intermediate goods for the automotive industry, transportation, robotics, treatment plants, parts for agricultural machinery, power plants, etc. We manufacture our products on state-of-the-art machines.

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Our partners include local and international companies from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. 

Customers select us because of our professional competence, quality of production and a high-level of agility. 

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We are specialized for smaller batches and unique metal intermediate goods.


Tradition and quality make us stronger.